Home Business Brick from a solid wood array: Dignity This material allows you to maintain the advantages of a classic log house as much as possible. Moreover, in terms of its properties, this material is much more technological. The construction of wooden houses using a beam is much easier than the construction of a house made of a looped log, since all the elements of the beam have standard sizes. The costs of the manufacture of a wooden beam are not high, among other things, a significant amount of material that can be used for other purposes is saved. The beam is also perfectly used in the construction of a house made of bricks, a gallected log, foam blocks and other building materials. Massive wooden beam is used in the construction of floor lags, inter -story ceilings, as well as the rafters of the roof. The walls of the house built from the cedar beam will be very strong. In general, houses built using a wooden beam retain healthy and comfortable microclimate for health and comfortable for living. And, due to the fact that the house from the beam weighs much less, for example, the same house from brick, then when building a house, you can do with a less massive foundation. If the walls of the house do not continue to be finished, then it is simply enough to plan a wooden beam to give them aesthetics. The outer side of the wall is recommended to be processed with special impregnations that protect the wall from external influences.

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